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  • Warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit our factory/ 2019-04-30

    In April 2019, foreign customers come to the factory for inspection and negotiationOn April 30, with the enthusiasm of early summer, foreign customers came to China specially, to Qingdao saiwo import and export co., LTD....

  • Qingdao saiwo import and export co., LTD will present our company's steel ball brand (LIANGJINGJING) at the expo./ 2019-03-18

    The 2019 hannover industry expo will be held in hannover exhibition center, Germany from April 1 to 5. Qingdao saiwo import and export co., LTD will present our company's steel ball brand (LIANGJINGJING) at the expo....

  • Maintenance of turntable bearings/ 2018-01-27

    Turntable bearings installed and put into operation after 100 hours of continuous operation should be fully checked whether the preload torque of the mounting bolts to meet the requirements, after every 500 hours of continuous ...

  • Bearing fretting abrasion/ 2018-01-27

    Fretting against the fretting bearings, should take the following measures: 1) the use of bearing the machine should be far away from the external vibration source, or open anti-vibration groove to prevent vibration from the foundation to the bearings;...

  • Bearing Industry Trends Analysis 2016/ 2018-01-27

    How the Bearing industry trends will be? It is reported that China bearing 65 years, from the production specifications of the few agricultural bearings, to develop the production of industrial and military use of sophisticated bearing, from the annual output of 800,000 sets to the current annual output of 2.8 billion units, a 350-fold increase in five decades , ...

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